Four Decades of Excellence

EDEX has supported the development and growth of four of the most innovative and successful academic and academic services institutions in the EU:

The University of Nicosia (UNIC): UNIC is the largest university in Cyprus by student enrollment with over 12,000 students and the largest university in southern Europe that teaches primarily in English. UNIC was instrumental in the development of university education in Cyprus and is an important social and civic institution in the country. UNIC is a regional leader in multiple academic disciplines such as medicine and a global leader in blockchain/digital currency.

UNIC is among the top 3 organizations in Cyprus in terms of total research output and is investing heavily in its research and innovation capacity.

UNICAF: UNICAF is the leading online program manager in sub-Saharan Africa, supporting multiple universities, including its own UNICAF University, in providing high quality and affordable online and blended education to over 18,000 students primarily across Africa.

Globaltraining: Globaltraining is the leading professional training firm in the accounting and finance field in Cyprus and Greece.

Intercollege: Intercollege focused on vocational education; it is particularly well-known for its programs in culinary arts management and maritime matters.

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